Featuring Simply Pressed Clay

I admit, I was really excited when the Simply Pressed Clay came out, and lately it's been hiding in the back of my craft cabinet. Today it resurfaced!

I knew I wanted to use that really cute bee that I hadn't inked up yet, and thought I'd go for a boy card this time. I have the flower and button molds...so buttons it was!

To get the shade that I did, I used 5 drops of Tempting Turquoise re-inker in this much clay:

That is a 1-3/4" circle that it's sitting on. 

A few tips for getting your clay out of the molds: the more ink you add to the clay, the longer you have to let it sit. A few minutes in the freezer works wonders. I also let the clay dry out a little before putting it in the molds. However, when it got too dry, it didn't work well. Massaging it in my fingers moistened it just enough to make it work again. Also, I didn't even use 1/8" of the amount that I dyed. A little goes a LONG way! 

Much like fingerprints, in my world, no two buttons are the same! 


  1. Great job on your buttons! The color of you clay is great!

  2. Cute card...love those buttons. I also was excited when this came out and haven't used it in a while. Need to get my clay out!

  3. What an adorable card. I think I have to get this bee stamp. I love that you made the buttons too. I think I'm going to have to try that.

    1. I had to buy the bee stamp after seeing several cute cards. I know how you feel!