A New Way To Washi

I found this great idea on Pinterest and I just had to try it out! It was a use for washi tape that had never crossed my mind. Any ideas? I'll give you a hint; it has nothing to do with papercrafting.

Ta Da! I used it while painting my nails. To start out, I tore off a small piece of washi tape and folded it in half. Then I cut out a half a heart. Remember how we used to do that in grade school with our rounded edge scissors that barely cut paper?

I had painted all of my nails with the base color and a top coat, because of the type of polish I used. I made sure that was really dry before I put the washi tape on. I pushed the washi tape down on the nail so that there were no bubbles, or space around the edge of the heart. Next, I carefully painted over the top of it with my gold polish.

I let it dry for a bit and then slowly pulled the washi tape off. Be gentle as the edges did want to stay with the polish that was on top of the tape.

Here are a few things I learned while trying this out:
-I don't recommend two sparkly polishes. For more contrast next time I will use a darker, solid base with the gold sparkle.
-the first piece of washi tape I tried was far too long (see picture 1 & 2 in the collage)
-the first cut I made, the heart was too big; it really needs to be the tiniest heart you can cut
-don't cut clear down to the edge of the washi tape with your point, or it is hard to make your heart shape on your nail
-patience (waiting for paint to dry) is a virtue I do not possess
-it is really hard to take pictures one handed
-I took 21 pictures trying to get clear ones to post
-my hands are in worse shape that I realized...hello lotion!

It really wasn't hard to do. I hope you'll give it a shot! Happy Valentine's Day!