June Layout Sketch

Last week I traveled to Golden, Colorado for work. This was huge for me as I have never done well with traveling, and this was the first time going that far by myself. I'm happy to report that I made it there and back, and overcame a few fears in the process.

I was a mess in the airport before boarding the plane. However, I ended up talking with a man and his 6 year old daughter who were also going to be on my flight. The little girl was so calm and told me about all the times she had been on an airplane. This helped calm me down tremendously. After that, the rest of the trip was a breeze.

While in Golden, we went on morning walks each day. I will admit that when our walk leader said, "we'll walk along the river, cross the bridge and then come back," I did freak for a second. However, I quickly told myself, "you just flew out here by yourself yesterday, you can surely walk over a bridge now with no panic." I did panic just slightly, when we found out the bridge was icy; but careful steps and I made it across! After, that, I didn't think twice about stepping on to, or stopping in the middle of any of the other bridges we crossed!

I also managed to make it through the Denver airport with minimal issues on the way home. While, everyone else was talking about "flying on Friday the 13th," my only issue was that I sat in the airport for 7 hours before we finally got to leave, because our flight kept getting delayed. Now, that I've worked on overcoming my fears, I guess it's time to start working on my lack of patience! My other issue was that I was freezing, because I had packed my jacket in my checked bag. Who thought I would have needed it?

Thanks for joining me today for this recap of my exciting journey. We would love to have you play along with our Project Life inspired layout sketch today at Stylin' Stampin' INKspiration.

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