Project Life & Fishies

Sadly I'm way behind on my scrapbooking. Like a year behind. :(
*cue Stage Left* Enter Project Life by Stampin' Up! I was able to create this page in nothing flat thanks to the ease of use and great card collections that we offer! The two cards and all of the embellishments on this page came from the Let's Get Away collection.

In the past I have struggled with this particular layout because of the smaller pockets, and not having many pictures I could cut down that small. I saw a great idea on Pinterest that I can't believe I didn't think of. Simply cut one of your 4" x 6" pictures in half and insert them side by side in those smaller pockets! Super easy and brought some more life to my page. I will admit I spent the most time looking for the perfect picture to cut down the middle. Most of them would have meant chopping a shark or other fish in half!

We've got plenty more Project Life inspiration for you today at Stylin' Stampin' INKspiration. Check it out!

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