For today's card I played around with a fun Ombre technique that I've been wanting to try for awhile.

If you've been following me for awhile, you have seen cards that I have used one of our spritzers with alcohol and a reinker to dye the ribbon or baker's twine. This was the same principle with a little different execution.

To begin, I filled an empty button container with water and then added one drop of Strawberry Slush reinker. I dipped the entire length of ribbon in the water. I let the ribbon dry. Then I added two more drops of reinker to the water for a total of three drops. I dipped part of the ribbon in this water, but made sure to leave an end with the lightest color. After the ribbon was mostly dry again; I added two more drops of the reinker for a total of five drops. I dipped one end in the water and let the ribbon completely dry. This created a nice ombre effect on my ribbon.

The lightest part of the ribbon kind of looks like it is still white so I took a side-by-side picture for you so that you could see the difference.

You can find my entire supply list below for this fun "pick me up" card. You can also find more ombre ideas at Stylin' Stampin' INKspiration today.


  1. Nice job with this technique on the ribbon. This is something I'll have to try myself.

  2. Fun, bright colors! The ombre ribbon is the perfect added touch!

  3. Such a subtle hint of colors. very delicate and pretty :)