Stamping Without A Stamp

What did you say? I have to stamp without a stamp? Is that possible? Why yes it is!

I had a little inspiration for this one.

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago. I bought my house 10 years ago, and every year I have had this happy sight on the side of my house.

So, can you guess what I used to stamp with since I couldn't use a stamp? It should be a pretty easy guess. One of the leaves from my daffodil plants! In case you decide to try it, I suggest wearing a plastic glove. I only have four Garden Green fingers right now!

I, of course, had to use Daffodil Delight cardstock! Plus I got to try out my new Spiral Flower Orignals Die! 

What do you have sitting around your house that you can use as a stamp? Would you like some more out of the box ideas? Head on over to Stylin' Stampin' INKspiration and check them out!

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