Wednesday Write-up

I had the pleasure of meeting a very talented woman earlier this month at a crop. I've known her mom and her sister for a few years, and they always make the crops more entertaining!

I asked Suzie if it would be ok if I feature her in a blog post. She doesn't have her own blog (yet), but I told her to let me know when she does so I can link it back to her. I'd love to see more of her amazing work and I'm sure you would too!

Suzie is getting married next spring. This girl is on top of things too, let me tell you! She is giving each guest a handmade favor at her wedding. Would you like to see what it is?

Suzie, her mom and her sister spent the first half of the weekend painting canvas squares with acrylic paint. We all kind of wondered what they were doing. Next, a bunch of the blue pieces had two big, brown dots on them. A little while later, I looked over and saw one of the finished ones, complete with two sunflowers. That's when I went over to watch her work more closely. She was freehanding every single flower! Isn't this a spectacular favor to receive at a wedding?

As I sat in awe of her work, I thought about the canvas banner pieces I have at home and wondered if I could do something similar for wall art. Then I remembered that everything I've ever attempted to paint or draw has looked like a 3 year old did it. (Actually some 3 year olds can probably draw better than me.) Therefore, I'm now signed up for two beginner painting classes at our local arts council.

Thank you Suzie for inspiring me to expand my creativity. Thank you for allowing me to share your amazing work with my readers. You are a special person and your friends and family are lucky to have someone who cares about them so much to give them such a great gift!

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