What Can I Do With Blendabilities?

Have you tried out the new Blendabilities Markers from Stampin' Up! yet? If not, you need to; I'm addicted!

How many times have you been working on a project and thought, "oh man, I wish I had this ribbon in ______ (insert color here)?" Well with Blendabilities, now you can! (At least in the 6 colors plus skin tones that are currently available.)

Today I wanted to showcase just a few items that you can enhance/change with these fabulous markers. In case you're not aware, the Blendabilites come in a pack of 3 gradient colors for $11.95. Hence the ability to blend them. I used the Darker Coastal Cabana on all of my test samples today so you can see how different mediums present a slightly different result.

I didn't label the Basic Pearl and Basic Rhinestone in the middle because I ran out of room. Remember, you can click on the picture for a larger view.

What do you think? I can't tell you how gorgeous it all is in person, especially the Satin Ribbon and Basic Pearl. I once tried the technique of coloring our pearls with a Sharpie and then heat embossing to set it. Let me tell you that was a mess and I never tried it again. The blendabilities was not messy and dried quickly!!!

Now for some paper samples.

And colored:

Doesn't that make a huge difference on the Back to Black DSP? I moved the Watercolor Paper in the second picture because I wanted to show the butterflies side by side. The same color marker looks slightly darker on the Watercolor Paper than on the Whisper White cardstock.

Ok, so there's one last thing I used my Blendabilities on today. I didn't use the Coastal Cabana though, and you'll see why.

The very first day I wore these shoes, I scuffed them on the sidewalk leaving for lunch. I was highly upset. But I figured out a way to make my little scuff less noticeable.

You got it! I grabbed the Blush Blendabilities Marker from the Skin Tone collection and colored my shoe! Oh, and if you look at my scrap paper under my shoe...make sure that you use scrap paper under your ribbons when you are coloring them!

If you would like to see some of my colored embellishments in action, you can check out yesterday's post where I used Coastal Cabana ribbon; and tomorrow's post which shows colored Glimmer Paper. Also, over the next two weeks, I will share a few other cards that feature the Blendabilites in one fashion or another. See ya tomorrow!

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